Table of Contents

Preface: The Exodus Journey

Introduction: The Parable of Exodus

Chapter 1: Slaves in Egypt: The Origins of Ego

Chapter 2: The Many Forms of Slavery

Chapter 3: The Birth of Moses and the Moses-Mind

Chapter 4: “Murdering the Egyptian”: First Response to Slavery

Chapter 5: The Burning Bush: Awakening to Spirit

Chapter 6: Confronting Pharaoh

Chapter 7: Pharaoh’s Magicians: The Ego’s Sleight of Hand

Chapter 8: The Plagues: Breaking Free of Ego

Chapter 9: The Tenth Plague and the Passover: Death and a New Beginning

Chapter 10: Crossing the Red Sea: Birth into Freedom

Chapter 11: Miracles

Chapter 12: The Wilderness

Chapter 13: Manna and Water: Our Daily Miracles

Chapter 14: Mount Sinai and the Law: Keeping God at a Distance

Chapter 15: The Golden Calf: The Road to Idolatry

Chapter 16: The Promised Land






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