Manna Is Enough

Manna is antithetical to the ego’s belief system. How is it possible that each day could bring with it exactly what’s needed, and not a crumb or a penny less or more? The idea of being limited only to what we need in a single day feels frightening. It feels naïve and foolish, deeply wrong and unfair, as if God is intentionally depriving us. No wonder we rebel against it.

The fact that we can only gather what we will use in any 24-hour period, however, is not about God somehow rationing us, distrusting us to handle more, or asking us to make a sacrifice and go without. Rather, it’s a simple statement about His nature.

God exists in an eternal present. Notions of past and future are meaningless to Him. In the Mind of God, it’s all now—always now. Therefore, He can only provide according to the needs of the present moment—symbolically, the span of a single day—because that’s all there is.4 And so, that’s all that’s needed. Ever. Anything more would be wasted and pointless. But in truth, there can be nothing more; nothing exists beyond the present moment. Spirit touches us only in the now.

Therefore, by gathering up manna every day—by trusting that the miracle will be there for us (reliability) and that it will always be enough (sufficiency)—we break free from the habits of ego and its death grip on the future and enter into God’s eternal present. Our bodies may still inhabit a world of finite time and limitation, but not our minds. They are free: to partake in miracles and join with Spirit in the Promised Land.