Dr. Bob Rosenthal has a new book release “From Never-Mind to Ever Mind.”

Dr. Bob Rosenthal also has a new website. 

Please visit drbob-author.com

“From Plagues to Miracles made the story of Exodus come to life for me…. I found Bob Rosenthal’s approach to Moses and Pharaoh to be most illuminating. I highly recommend this book, and I congratulate Bob for his unique contribution.”
Gary Renard, best-selling author, The Disappearance of the Universe

“I really enjoyed your book… especially Chapter 12: The Wilderness (God, and Nothing But God). [It] heralds the need to be uncompromising in releasing images and self-concepts in order to know the Truth.”
David Hoffmeister, Foundation for the Awakening Mind

Wherever you find yourself in life, whatever challenges you may be facing, the transformational journey of Exodus is your journey too. The path to freedom calls out. Why delay?


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